Friday, May 18, 2007

Ron Paul media blackout

So I have been scouring the news, CNN, MSNBC, FOX..COMEDY CENTRAL for crying loud expecting the BUZZ to be all about RON PAUL. What did I find instead???
A MEDIA STONEWALLING!!! First of all, Do you even know who he is? If you DON'T KNOW it is because RUPERT MURDOCH, KING OF NEO-CON MEDIA doesn't want you to know. He must be in hanging out in FOX's WAR ROOM trying to figure out how to stifle the RON PAUL revolution, which is very much alive thanks to the internet, (the one last place for free speech except for some sites evidently). MYSPACE must really be THERESPACE since I have heard reports of PHISHING of all things RON PAUL. I have seen DENIAL AND SPIN galore. I have seen a ranking of GOP presidential candidates on MSNBC that puts RON PAUL dead last only for it to say this:

12. Ron Paul
Texas congressman Last Ranking: 9
Just please stop e-mailing us. Thanks.

These rankings are ordered by likelihood of winning the Republican primary and are based on a number of factors, including organization, money, buzz and polling. Click here for Democratic rankings.

Excuse me but if you are getting THAT MUCH email, wouldn't that be considered BUZZ? If RON PAUL won both debates of FOX NEWS and MSNBC by their own polls, WHY is he at the bottom of the list? He has more campaign money then several of the other candidates ESPECIALLY since the last debate. People apparently have been DUMPING money into his campaign. SO "according to the rankings" is a JOKE!!

People are EXCITED about RON PAUL. The enthusiasm is mounting. I have read comments from LIBERALS, CONSERVATIVES, LIBERTARIANS and even MORMONS (going against MITT) that are rallying behind RON PAUL. So if you don't know who he is I recommend you check out some of his speeches on YOUTUBE......while you still can.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


HOLY GUACAMOLE..Did you see it? The South Carolina Republican's Presidential Debate was by far the most exciting thing on TV tonight. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas just rocked the already sinking GOP boat. I hope you saw for yourself or TIVO'd it since I already smell censorship and damage control by FOX NEWS and other sites. RON PAUL just BLASTED America's foreign policy. He basically stated that 911 happened because we have been bombing regions in the middle east for the last 10 years. He asked a couple of times what we would do as Americans if that was happening to us. OH the SHOCK AND AWE in that room..unbelievable. Every candidate seemed to want to respond but it was Giuliani that immediately called for PAUL to revoke his statement. Ron Paul would not back down, further explaining his reasoning. Ron Paul also called out the moderators for using hypothetical problems instead of the ones at hand. The last question they asked of RON PAUL was a tax question (damage control?) Ron Paul said of course he was for lowering taxes but then used the remainder of that time to call out the "enhanced interrogation" issue. UNFLIPPING-BELIEVABLE. Fox News hasn't played the controversial clip since, they are just trying to spin it their way. The EXTREMELY funny thing is that in their own POLL to see who won the debate, RON PAUL is in the lead at 30%. LOOKS like I may have a NEW VOTING STRATEGY, change my voter registration to REPUBLICAN (GASP!!!!!!!!!!) and vote for Ron Paul in the primaries since I have no allegiance do any candidates at this time. Besides RON PAUL is really a LIBERTARIAN and a smart one at that.

DING DONG The King of religious hypocrisy is dead.

Ding Dong the King of Religious Hypocrisy is dead. Rev. Jerry Falwell, the man in charge of the "moral majority", the paver of the anti-gay, anti-feminist conservative agenda highway is outta here. He was the one that informed us that AIDS was God's way of punishing gays. He hated the idea of civil liberties and anything that got in the way of him exploiting his sheep. Women were inferior in his narrow little mind. Jerry's personal agenda was to marry the church and state instead of respecting our forefathers foresight to keep them separate. He was such a powerful force raising Evangelical conservatives to a new political playing field. Without him perhaps BUSH wouldn't have been elected. Without HIM perhaps we wouldn't be in this divisive mess. Without him, maybe people would be more loving to one another, more tolerant, less self righteous and more like Jesus. Maybe we wouldn't be in this "religious war". Maybe thousands upon thousands of men, women and children wouldn't have been maimed or killed. Maybe we would be currently focused on trying to understand one another and rejoice in our differences instead of using wedge issues to conquer and divide us.
GOD I feel like rejoicing. Can I get an amen? I had been praying for Jesus to save us from his followers. Jesus must have heard me.....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tori vs. Bjork

I could've peed my pants when I found out that BJORK and TORI AMOS was coming out with new albums about the same time. I picked up both VOLTA (Bjork's) and AMERICAN DOLL POSSE giddy with anticipation being a die-hard fan of both strong women. But at the end of the day I concluded that one will be stuck on repeat, making near CLASSIC status in my mind. The other will be another disappointing dust-collector. Can you guess which is which?

Tori starts the album with TO GEORGE showing her disapproval of the NOB, that's my girl! American Doll Posse is LONG with 23 songs. HMMMH there is that number again. Several are very short, lashing out to George, sluts (FAT SLUT, TRACK 8), and the undecipherable. Tori brings her classic sound and piano skills to many of her songs but overall the tone is DARKER, HEAVIER, AND GRUNGIER than any of her other albums. Tori brings a NO DOUBT feel to TEENAGE HUSTLING, track 4 with a more rockin sound and a dirtier bass. I 'm reminded of Joan Osborne on track 6, YOU CAN BRING YOUR DOG. In GIRL DISAPPEARING, track 9, Tori brings out everything we Tori fans love about her, observations on women's issues using provocative vocals, superb strings, and piano instrumentation. Track 12, BODY AND SOUL, Tori explores her dark sound and her dark side is OH so good. Overall this album is HOT HOT HOT. If you already love Tori then AMERICAN GIRL POSSE is a MUST HAVE.

BJORK ahhhh Bjork. I have followed her career since the 8th grade when she was a relatively unknown in the Icelandic band, THE SUGARCUBES. Bjork has moved me in a way like no other. That is why I am sorry to be a bearer of bad new for you Bjork fans.
In the first song I felt like I was stuck in a computer game in her alien anthem song, EARTH INTRUDERS. In WANDERLUST She does a duet that is simply dreadful using a trance beat in the background of a ballad. Track 4, INNOCENCE uses an extremely repetitive beat that made me want to beat IT. Each song seemed to try too much pushing the line of redundancy or gave too little. Tracks 5 and 8 both had an Oriental flair and also happened to be the only songs that I thought were worthwhile. (I SEE WHO YOU ARE and HOPE). There are 10 songs on this album. I was REALLY happy that there wasn't 23.
Overall I think you need some serious DRUGS to appreciate VOLTA. Tori wins, NO CONTEST.

Friday, May 11, 2007


So excuse me be tired and possibly incoherent for I have just returned from cyber hell doing battle in the land of NOBS, debunking their wackery. I have tried to let it go but I keep seeing this UNCLE SAM avatar in my head and couldn't let things be. (YES, I am trying to return to my story). You see, when I pushed THAT button in the right hand corner THAT day I found the land of MSN QnA Beta live. Or rather the button of WACKERY AND CENSORSHIP. I merely wanted to inquire about the story of Sheryl Crow and Karl Rove. The other NEWS medias seemed to be picking it up. (If I smell foul play I like to go to the source directly but instead I found QnA.) I detest it immensely. It is a self regulated and censored forum with hidden and not so hidden "moderators". Like a story, it is rich with characters, some you love and some...well I am looking for the right words to express myself. I will elaborate later for I need you to help me leave this addiction. This is NOT reverse psychology but I would urge you to stay away from QnA. More details later my dear friends.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Don't rush out to buy your YOGA magazine just yet, VANITY FAIR'S latest publication includes the whose-who of modern yogis. Included are stunning pictures of people from a SMOKIN HOT Christy Turlington, Sting, Rodney Yee, and Shiva Rea. For you human pretzels out there you will surely be impressed with the rest of the lineup. I feel the LOVE I tell you pouring out of pages 200 and 201 where Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa (the queen of Kundalini) holds a prayer pose that is simply mezmorizing. She must be praying for the guy on the other side of the page since he is in a hands-free standing pose. The picture is FREAKISHLY unbelievable. This edition is a keeper, inspiring Yoga junkies and couch potatoes alike. And hey if Yoga just isn't your thing check out why Vanity Fair thinks RUDY GIULIANI is NUTS on page106.

ALSO according to VANITY FAIR, COKE a COLA is served to ONE BILLION PEOPLE....A DAY.....A DAY!!! When people ask what is wrong with the world.....?? I am simply unnerved by this figure so I must balance it out with a happy thought....Coke is apparently a remedy for migraines due to its caffeine and carbonation. OK so maybe its the cure AND the disease?

So NO bedtime end of story for you folks, ya know the whole Sheryl Crow and the NOBHEAD one that I keep promising you. Simply can't delve into that WACKERY and CENSORSHIP right now. Maybe tomorrow? T omorrow I get Rolfed which can be painful (the word massage is misleading) then get I get stuck with acupuncture needles. Looks like tomorrow may be a CORPSE POSE kinda day.
So I was going to finish my story but first I must point out a few details that I just noticed. I assure you that it will all come back around anyways since the moral of the story has to do with censorship by the NOBS. I read that JACK VALENTI, 85 just died. Well who the hell is that you ask? Well, I say...the man that has been in charge of telling you what is appropiate for you and your family to watch at the movies since Lyndon B. Johnson. He was in charge of creating the Motion Picture Association which I wouldn't have thought anything of but I recently watched THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED and it was very clear that there is a sinister agenda at large. Boils down to this, SEX is a big no-no and Violence is GREAT because we can de-sensitize our youth and pack them out the door to fight for our OIL that lies in other countrys. The last part is my twist on things but so is everything here. So basically this association has been in charge of shaping public opinion, subtlely, subconsciencely and blatantly over time...a LONG time. I wish I had paid more attention to history back in the day and less to my hair BECAUSE..I had read an article in ROLLING STONE online the other day something about Hunt's deathbed confessions on how LYNDON B JOHNSON had ROBERT KENNEDY KILLED! Wow...Who was LBJ anyways???? I'm starting to think that he may have affected my life and my world more than I could ever imagine.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Do we have a cyber soul? And is mine doomed for cyber hell? I suppose I need to back up and explain myself. This is and was a fluke. I don't have time for this. I'm supposed to be packing. Piles and piles of crap await yet somehow the MAC snagged me, pulled me in when I wasn't looking. And now I have a story to tell. It all started with Sheryl Crow. I tell my loved ones now that you can blame her for stealing my cyber soul. You see I am a bit of a political junkie. I overheard something about her and Karl Rove's childish antics so I went to look it up on MSNBC's webpage. But NO mention of whatever incident happened, and now I am dying from curiousity. Because I really DO like Sheryl Crow, I think her music is really underrated. She writes alot of her music. Maybe all? LOVE the song Redemption Day by must check out the lyrics. Quite fitting for the NOBS in charge. Anyways back to the story, So I try to find the link to the story, something about the enviroment, a bus and pissing off Karl NOBHEAD Rove. Instead I find crap like What does Ashlee Simpson think of her new look? And other mindless piles of wackery. So I click up on the LINK OF DOOM AND CENSORSHIP. And voila just like that I get sucked into the vortex of NOBS and wackery. But this just leads me to my REAL story. But I am tired and would like to give YOU an accurate account. So check back soon for the CYBER SOUL SCRIPTURES told as I and only I can tell them. May your cyber soul be soothed.