Tuesday, May 15, 2007

DING DONG The King of religious hypocrisy is dead.

Ding Dong the King of Religious Hypocrisy is dead. Rev. Jerry Falwell, the man in charge of the "moral majority", the paver of the anti-gay, anti-feminist conservative agenda highway is outta here. He was the one that informed us that AIDS was God's way of punishing gays. He hated the idea of civil liberties and anything that got in the way of him exploiting his sheep. Women were inferior in his narrow little mind. Jerry's personal agenda was to marry the church and state instead of respecting our forefathers foresight to keep them separate. He was such a powerful force raising Evangelical conservatives to a new political playing field. Without him perhaps BUSH wouldn't have been elected. Without HIM perhaps we wouldn't be in this divisive mess. Without him, maybe people would be more loving to one another, more tolerant, less self righteous and more like Jesus. Maybe we wouldn't be in this "religious war". Maybe thousands upon thousands of men, women and children wouldn't have been maimed or killed. Maybe we would be currently focused on trying to understand one another and rejoice in our differences instead of using wedge issues to conquer and divide us.
GOD I feel like rejoicing. Can I get an amen? I had been praying for Jesus to save us from his followers. Jesus must have heard me.....