Friday, May 18, 2007

Ron Paul media blackout

So I have been scouring the news, CNN, MSNBC, FOX..COMEDY CENTRAL for crying loud expecting the BUZZ to be all about RON PAUL. What did I find instead???
A MEDIA STONEWALLING!!! First of all, Do you even know who he is? If you DON'T KNOW it is because RUPERT MURDOCH, KING OF NEO-CON MEDIA doesn't want you to know. He must be in hanging out in FOX's WAR ROOM trying to figure out how to stifle the RON PAUL revolution, which is very much alive thanks to the internet, (the one last place for free speech except for some sites evidently). MYSPACE must really be THERESPACE since I have heard reports of PHISHING of all things RON PAUL. I have seen DENIAL AND SPIN galore. I have seen a ranking of GOP presidential candidates on MSNBC that puts RON PAUL dead last only for it to say this:

12. Ron Paul
Texas congressman Last Ranking: 9
Just please stop e-mailing us. Thanks.

These rankings are ordered by likelihood of winning the Republican primary and are based on a number of factors, including organization, money, buzz and polling. Click here for Democratic rankings.

Excuse me but if you are getting THAT MUCH email, wouldn't that be considered BUZZ? If RON PAUL won both debates of FOX NEWS and MSNBC by their own polls, WHY is he at the bottom of the list? He has more campaign money then several of the other candidates ESPECIALLY since the last debate. People apparently have been DUMPING money into his campaign. SO "according to the rankings" is a JOKE!!

People are EXCITED about RON PAUL. The enthusiasm is mounting. I have read comments from LIBERALS, CONSERVATIVES, LIBERTARIANS and even MORMONS (going against MITT) that are rallying behind RON PAUL. So if you don't know who he is I recommend you check out some of his speeches on YOUTUBE......while you still can.


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